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Monday, October 24, 2005

Ten Quick Points for Improving you Driving Test Performance

Here are a few pointers for you to consider:

(1) Right foot ...use the right foot gently on both the gas and the brake pedals. Heavy braking will tell the Examiner that you haven’t prepared sufficiently in advance for your slow down! However when entering a busy major road from a minor road it’s important to get the power down promptly or a car approaching will be forced to brake heavily if you move off too slowly.

(2) When preparing to slow down… or stop for say traffic lights or slow moving traffic commence your braking by coming off the gas pedal promptly and THEN using the brake gently...this will be a lot smoother and will also save fuel and brakes.

(3) Select your chosen gear… for a maneuver in good time (mostly second gear) and never change gear during a maneuver--- (your hand is off the wheel) so you are steering with only one hand! Most, if not all, tight and blind turnings should be taken in first gear for a smoother maneuver and then if the road is clear you can accelerate away in second gear.

(4) Handbrake. The Ten Second Rule ...if you are going to be stopped for ten seconds or more,
in any situation then you should use the handbrake. This prevents the car from rolling, for example traffic lights and busy junctions. However if having stopped to make a left or right turn or to enter a roundabout and you can see that the road is completely clear then you should not use the handbrake and should move away immediately.

(5) Steering wheel technique… it’s important not to cross the hands and arms. Use the pull -push technique and it will improve your positioning.

(6) When turning Right ...imagine the centre line of the road into which you are turning, and extend it across your path. This is your turning point and you should not go beyond this mark.

(7) Reversing around the corner........
(a) Don’t go too far past the corner to commence your reverse.
(b) Stop about 14 /16 inches out from the curb.
(c) Pause at the APEX (half -way through the corner) and look Right and then left; if it’s clear, continue; if not stop and use handbrake until the traffic has gone, then continue. Get around the corner first, then bring yourself into the curb and pause again to observe and then finally reverse back in a straight line to your chosen stopping point, making sure that you are not obstructing any gateways.

(8) Roundabouts.... if you are at your entry point and a car coming from the right still has some way to go before it reaches Its entry point then you may go, in other words, it is not yet on the roundabout and therefore you are not obliged to give way. Obviously if this situation pertains but the on coming car is going too fast then it is prudent to wait and give way otherwise you are forcing the other car to brake heavily behind you. If you can see very clearly, as you approach your entry point and it is totally clear of traffic, then you do not have to stop and should enter with a little acceleration.

(9) Parked Cars not go right up to the rear of the obstruction before stopping; you have a much better view by staying a good distance back and it’s easier to judge whether you should go or are forced to stop by the oncoming traffic.

(10) Traffic Lights…You must be thinking and watching carefully the changing sequences of each set of lights; they are almost always different. You should be ready to move off the moment the lights go green otherwise other Drivers will take advantage and cause you difficulty.

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