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Sunday, June 26, 2005

To Be or Not to Be ? ? ? ?

Famous words from Shakespeare's Hamlet. ... Are we going to stay alive long enough to visit the Theatre and experience the delight of the English language from 500 years ago? Some of us will and some of us won't.

Unless we take the process of learning to Drive more seriously and work to achieving as high a standard as possible, a lot of us will not make it past our early twenties ! The statistics show time and time again that young drivers from 17 -25 years of age are the most vulnerable age group.Learning the basics from a Professional Instructor who will then take you to a more advanced and very necessary level for today's heavy traffic volumes is the way to go .

Forget Mums and Dads and boyfriends and cousins until you have reached a good level of skill and the dual controls are no longer really needed.Just because a Mum or Dad are great Parents (!) does not make them great Drivers or even competent teachers.Dads have a habit of becoming rather impatient with their pride and joy behind the wheel and create a level of stress with their "pupil" that sometimes is difficult to eradicate .Enter Driving School Instructor stage left !!

While the scope of todays Driving Test here in Ireland is improving, as a result of EU Directives,it is still short of the markand we will probably see further changes over the next couple of years in this arena .With the recent accession of ten new states to the EU Family it's imperative that standards of Driving are continually monitored and improved .So many people think that passing the Driving Test is the end of the learning curve whereas in fact it is only the beginning of several years of hard work to learn your craft and to become a safe and competent Driver.There are many Driving Schools who have never taught their their Pupils what goes on under the Bonnet or taken them on Irish country roads or High Speed carriageways .Until 14th February this year, when the new Technical checks were introduced to the Driving Test; it was not uncommon for a learner Driver never to have opened the bonnet of their newly aquired machine and either checked the oil or anything else .In fact even Opening the Bonnet has provided me with some very amusing moments recently.The day before a Driving Test just a few weeks back, when I prompted a pupil to open the bonnet to cover the new technical checks;there was a moment of silence followed by frantic searching followed by Silence .!.

No bonnet release latch to be found ...Anywhere ......enter Instructor stage left.......still more silence;but not for long ! This was a new car which I had never been in before,which obviously the Manufacturer had designed to make it impossible for the bonnet to be opened .Perhaps they were so confident in their technology that one never needed to open the bonnetbefore you changed to a new model.

What to do ? well we absolutely knew that there was an engine hidden there somewhere because we had already driven the beast .So we headed for the Glove box to reach for the Manual.Ah .....horror of manual ...and this an almost new car with only one previous owner.Enter stage right ...... Instructors mobile phone clicking feverishly....finaly a voice at the other end in the Service Department , who seemed mildly amused,proceeded to direct us to the outside of the car and to the well hidden bonnet release latch.Wonderful technology and in a few minutes we had navigated the enjine bay and learnt the location of all this nasty ,dirty, techie- stuff that would ensure we would pass the Test with flying colours.

Moral of this story is,dont expect your Garage to sell you a car with everything intact .It may seem a harsh thing to say but the final responsibility for a car owner or Driver is the Driver themself and it's vital that you don't leave anything to chance check that you have everything that was with the car when it was made and left the factory .I once left a car in for service and they drained out the oil; quite a useful thing to do !; but then failed miserably to put fresh oil back in .

Had I not been taught the importance of basic maintainance and stopped the car 400 meters down the road as soon as the oil Pressure Warning Light came on, I would have been looking for a new Enjine and probably had a great deal of difficulty in persuading the Garage that it was their mistake .

Any prizes for guessing whether or not they are still in Business? Actually it was the demise of the parent branch in Dublin which brought the Limerick and Tipperary Branches to closure .Would I have done business with them again ? Not on your Life! !

And talking about Life ..this is as good a point as any , to end today's post by saying .....You alone, must take responsibility when you sit behind the wheel and don't let anyone tell you otherwise ..Whether you are the owner of the car or not is YOU that are in control and You who will pay the price if things go wrong .

Till next time Drive Safely and Arive Alive

Friday, June 24, 2005


Are…. YOU …… Tyred – Out ? ?

Tyres and How to look after them


Tyres are the one aspect of a Car that are often overlooked until disaster strikes and in this section we are going to examine all the aspects of tyre care and maintenance so that you will stay safe and arrive alive. “ARRIVE ALIVE” Astral School of Motoring,s new Blog at:-

1. Tyres wear out………. just like any other component in a car, only more so. You need to keep a constant eye on your tyres since they are the one thing that keeps you on the road, apart of course, from your observation!
2. Legal limit 1.6mm……….but at this point you are over 80% gone….Soooh they should be replaced before this tread depth is reached!
3. Tyre Pressures…..the Manufacturers recommended pressures you will find in your manual and also printed inside your fuel filler cap. These are for Factory –Fitted tyres…..other makes or sizes of tyre may require different pressures, so check with your Tyre Shop for advice. The manufacturers will always give you two settings of Tyre pressure…one for the car with Driver and one passenger….one for the car with a full load. Its important to further inflate the tyres when you have a full load, particularly if you are going on a long journey that involves high –speed carriageway or Motorway driving. Underinflated tyres are unsafe; don’t give you good road holding ;wear out much more quickly; create extra drag which means higher fuel consumption; and give your passengers and uncomfortable ride. If you have young children in the rear seat be prepared for car sickness!
4. Cuts –Splits – Bulges……….are easy to acquire, if you play footsie with kerbs and potholes. Mounting the Kerb can damage the sidewall of the tyre either invisibly or very visibly. Tyre sidewalls are much thinner than the tyre tread and so are easily damaged. .A bulge indicates severe damage to the side wall and this will require the immediate replacement of the tyre. There is a danger of a blow-out occurring at high speed with a damaged tyre. Pot-holes, by their very nature have sharp edges and going over one at any kind of speed, will often lead to a puncture, or worse, the complete destruction of the tyre ,not to mention your beautiful ,newly acquired Alloy wheels.
5. The Spare Wheel……is often forgotten about and should be included in your weekly tyre pressure check. The tyre will lose its pressure over time and it’s a real nuisance and a danger, to get a puncture, miles from anywhere, and then find that your spare tyre is flat! You are then side-lined with the obvious delays in getting hold of a mobile tyre service, but perhaps worse is the possibility of creating a major obstruction on the road with your stranded car. A car that cannot be moved off the road creates a serious accident hazard.
6. Punctures…..What to do when you get one? It’s very important to know how to change a wheel, following a puncture, whether you are a Guy or a Girl! Changing a wheel is relatively simple, providing you have the correct equipment and utilise the correct technique. However it is not always easy or safe. In the next section we will discuss this in more detail but in the meantime if you are a Lady drive and some difficulty with this exercise; providing you get all your tools out and look as if you know what you are doing, then it is very likely that a passing motorist will stop and assist you and get you motoring again in a few minutes.
7. Equipment…….The wheelbrace that comes with your car when it is new, we have found to be sometimes ineffective when trying to release the wheel nuts if your wheel has either not been removed for a very long time, or has been overtightened by the gun in use in a garage or tyre shop. We have got through numerous wheel braces over the years which have had to be discarded in favour of the professional criss-cross, cast iron brace, which will last you a life time and which you can take with you when you change cars .This type of wheel brace has four different size sockets and will, because of it’s tremendous leverage, enable you to loosen the most stubborn of nuts. An added bonus of carrying one of these is that you will be able to help any other Motorist who is having trouble with his wheel. Final tip here is to mask the socket which fits your wheels with some red insulating tape so that you can easily identify this in the dark. A lot of punctures happen at night or in a snow storm so you can do a lot to make things easier and safer for you. The jack should be in the boot with the rest of the kit but do check if you are buying an older second hand car, that you have one…you might need it around the next corner! !
8. Plank of Wood … WHAT?? ….. Many years ago, in the teeth of a howling gale, I suffered a puncture on a country road late at night and due to the non- stop rain that had been pouring down for several days, the grass verge and edge of the road were so soft, that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t raise the car sufficiently to get the spare wheel on! It was too dangerous and too narrow to move the car into the middle of the road to get a better support for the Jack .The close proximity of a bend made it even more hazardous .In desperation, and soaking wet, I searched around and eventually borrowed a large flat stone from a nearby wall, to spread the weight and support the jack while the wheel was changed. Ever since then I have carried a short plank,12 inches long and 1 inch thick and have never had a problem since .This is the origin of the phrase as thick as two short planks! We have them on special offer this month @ €29.99for the pair! Another observation for those of you who might have a new tarmac driveway at your home, don’t attempt to jack your car up without using your plank or you will create a nice hole in your Drive!
9. Spare wheel nuts …….If you have bought a new set of alloy wheels then it is likely that they will be held on with longer than average wheel nuts .Since it is unusual to buy five alloy wheels then following a puncture you will be using the standard spare wheel to replace the punctured one. You will need to ensure that you have in your emergency kit the standard nuts to fix this in place while you get the puncture repaired and the Alloy wheel back on the car.
10. Small Penknife…..if you are using standard factory- issue steel wheels with Plastic Hub Caps, they will be fastened to the rim with cable ties, to keep them from disappearing into the hedge after hitting a bump or pothole. . These are a little difficult to remove without a blade so a penknife or Stanley knife is very useful in cutting the cable tie before getting access to the wheel nuts. Its useful also to use two ties since they sometimes break if scraped, leaving you with a missing hub cap. Original Hub Caps are expensive to replace so it is worth this little effort.
11. Towel……. An old towel and some hand cleanser are very useful to enable you to clean up after changing a wheel, particularly if you are miles from anywhere and heading for an Interview or lunch date. Punctures rarely happen at home where you have all your mod. cons. at your disposal. Apart from this, mucky or greasy hands will make your steering wheel slippery and dangerous! Some kitchen roll and spare valve caps are a useful addition also to your in-boot-kit.

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About the Author.
Robin Piggott is the owner of Astral School of Motoring which is based in Limerick, Ireland .He has thirty five years of Driving Experience and has driven Professionally for most of this time, including teaching in – house, before setting up his own Driving School .The aim of the Astral Driving School is to provide the skills that will enable young Drivers to stay safe, first and foremost, and in doing this, help them achieve a standard that they can build on for the future. Skills for Life is the mission and to this end a new Blog has been set up to aid and assist all new Drivers and those from overseas driving in Ireland for the first time. ARRIVE ALIVE contains a mix of Driving Tips and Driving Test hints as well as articles of Motoring interest, including Motor Sport News.

© Astral School of Motoring 2000-2005

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Isle of Man TT Riders in Limerick.

Deep in County Limerick this last weekend in the little village of Athea,40 miles fromLimerick City the annual Road Races took place.As a Motorcycle spectator newbie I really didn't know what to expect.A press release earlier in the week talked of 20,000 spectators and an 11 race programme including entries from Ryan Farquar ,Darren Lyndsey and Ray Porter all TT top riders.
The Athea course is a 3.5 mile road circuit and provided thrilling vantage points all round the course.What really surprised me was the announcement that speeds of up to 190 miles per hour would be reached;the same as todays' Grand Prix Cars.The acceleration of these bikes is truly amazing and if sitting close to one of the long straights ,one can get such a sensation of speed as they pass its almost unbelievable !
The day was fine and the racing spectacular and included one young woman from Glasgow who did very well in one race to finish fourth..Plenty of classic Bikes from earlier years and of course the 1000cc plus bikes fresh from the TT. For anyone who has never experienced the thrill of motor sport close up and personal I thoroughly recommend it as a fantastic and memorable day out..Rumour has it that Valentino Rossi, current World superbike Champion has been testing in a Formula One Car and may make the transition from two wheels to Four in due course following other such luminaries as John Surtees (who drove for Ferrari) Mike Hailwood and of course more recently ex World Champion Damon Hill.
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till the next post drive safely.......

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Driver Theory Test Republic of Ireland

The Driver Theory Test was introduced in the Summer of 2001 and must be passed before you may apply for your first Provisional License.

The Test is a multi –choice exam,taken on Computer with the pass-mark being 35 out of 40 Questions ! .The scope of questions is not as extensive as the U.K test because there are many more variations of Road signs in the U.K .compared with the Republic Of Ireland

Booking can be done on the phone at LoCall 1890606106 for English Language and at 1890606806 for Irish Language .You will usually be offered a test appointment within ten days or so.

In order not to waste time you should buy the CD.Rom or the Theory Test Book to study the questions before booking your Test .It is not that difficult, providing you do some adequate study; and if you are really well organised you should be able to go straight to your local Motor Taxation Office after passing the Theory Test , and have your Provisional License the same day .

The Theory Test is just one of many aspects of European Driving Legislation that all Member States are required to comply with and certainly was way overdue!
There are more E.U.Directives in the pipeline relating to Driving Tests and I am sure this scenario will continue for some time to come.
© Astral School of Motoring 2000-2005

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Driving Test

The Driving Test

Currently there is a waiting list of approximately 12 months for a Driving Test in many Test Centres so a beginner driver is well advised to apply for the Test immediately on commencement of Driving Lessons.

Where the acquisition of a full Driving License is essential for work related purposes, the Department of Transport is reasonably well disposed to putting a candidate onto the Cancellation list to avail of an earlier Test .A letter from your Employer explaining the situation will be required in this situation .

Remember that in this cancellation situation, your advance notification of your appointment will perhaps be only a couple of days and by telephone! , compared with the usual notification by post with four weeks notice.

In this event, your Car HAS to be ready and fully checked for compliance with the standards set out in the Department’s guideline. There are many cars just not up to standard and are therefore turned down for the Driving Test which leads to yet another long wait.

If you are planning on using the Astral School of Motoring car for the Test this has to be well rehearsed; as often, existing pupils will have to be moved aside to facilitate you on the day of the Test.

Some of the frequent faults leading to the turning down of a car for the Test are:-

(1) Paper work out of date. License, Motor Tax, Insurance even a faded and illegible Insurance Disc would not be accepted !.Insurance Discs tend to fade if exposed to Hot Sun .If this is the case, then replace it!
(2) Brake light faulty!
(3) Cracked windscreens!
(4) Broken or cracked Driver mirrors!
(5) Bad tyres!
(6) Late attendance … be at the Test Centre ten minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time!

E.U Directives

With the continuing addition to and expansion of the Driving Test here in Ireland, in line with E.U. Directives, it is important that Test Candidates familiarise themselves with all these changes.

(1) Secondary Controls 2002/ 2003 ~~~~~~~~~
(2) Under the Bonnet checks /FEB .2005 ~~~~~~

Sign Up for the Astral Motoring E- Zine …its FREE and contains plenty for everyone whether you are just starting off , or approaching your Test , or you are a more experienced Driver.
We welcome submissions from Drivers for inclusion in the Newsletter just send us your article as a Word attachment to your E-mail.

One final point and this has to be Hammered Home I am Afraid!
Passing the Driving Test is only the first step to becoming a good Driver! It will take an average Driver about three years to gain the necessary experience to begin to consider him or herself an experienced Driver .In fact with today’s fast changing world of Motoring we are All learning ….. All of the Time…..!

Copyright Astral School of Motoring ©

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Down Under and Fingers on Buzzers !


Monday, June 06, 2005


Today is the 61 st Anniversary of the Historic D-Day Landings of World War Two.Take a minute to say a prayer for all those soldiers who gave their lives in the pursuit of freedom.Without this heroic action on the beaches of Normandy most of us and our children and grandchildren would not be alive today .D-Day was the greatest Invasion in History and sounded the death knell of the Third Reich and the fall of the tyranny that had gripped Europe for five years.

200,000 troops formed a bridgehead at the end of that day ...6th June 1944 and began the tortuous trip across France to liberate Europe.

You may ask what has this to do with Motoring well everything in fact !

The RED BULL Express was the name given to the supply transport line who kept the troops and Armour supplied with fuel and food,without which the Invasion would have ground to a halt.

Incredibly there were 12,000 vehicles who made up the Express and they ferried their precious supplies to the front line on an almost 24 hour a day shift .Imagine the petrol being carried in only five gallon cans and you have an idea of the enormity of the task.

General George Patton was not a man to stand still and his push rarely came to a halt as a result of the efforts of "the RED BULL" In the five months to November 1944 an amazing 500,000 tons of supplies were carried to the advancing Armiesin the push towards Germany .

Since the drivers were working to exhaustion round the clock the accidents invoving the supply trucks escalated alarmingly but were constantly replenished with fresh crews .

I gues it would be fair to say that this was the longest traffic jam in the world and the greatest achievement of a motorised column in History !

"My Men can eat their belts...but My Tanks gotta have Gas ! ! ! " General George Patton 1944

So in summary we have a good deal to be grateful for and the fact that we are all driving around in our fancy cars today can be traced back th this day in 1944.

"Never in the field of Human Conflict has so much been owed by so many ,to so few !"

Sir Winston Churchill

Article by Robin .C. Piggott Author of Arrive Alive ,the Blog of Astral School of Motoring ,

Limerick .Ireland. dedicated to helping new Drivers to achieve their goals and learn skills for life on the Road.

As part of the continuing Euro-ization , February 14th this year saw the implimentation of the latest round of changes to the Driving Test .Finally we all have to know our way around down -under and perhaps even get our fingers dirty ! No we are not talking about Aussie -Rules but under the bonnet ,or hood if you are west of Ballybunion.

Examiners are asking three questions at random from a list of 10 subjects and Candidates will have to explain how checks would be carried out on the following :-

  1. Tyres
  2. Lights
  3. Reflectors
  4. Indicators
  5. Coolant


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Driving Test Waiting in Ireland

Why are we Waiting ?

The long waiting time to get a Driving Test Appointment here in Ireland is of course the responsibility of the Department of Transport. Or is it ? It is so easy to blame your Government for every ill that asails us,but lets look at the real reasons for the delay.

There are many factors leading to the incredible waiting time for Driving Test.

  1. Demographics ----- here in Ireland we have a very high proportion of the population in the age group 17 to 30 which is the prime time for learning to drive.
  2. Immigration ----- As a result of our new-found prosperity: Celtic Tiger Economy and all that, we are not only attracting back expatriates but we have become flavour of the month for those looking to find a new life from both the European bloc and further afield .Since the accession of 10 new States to the EU last year there are numerous ethnic groups wending their way to Ireland :most of these families will ultimately be in a position to own cars and the children of these families will also aspire to drive when they are old enough.
  3. Government Legislation,------- introduced in JAN.2003,as part of EU Directives ,has led to a large chunk of drivers being forced to sit a Driving Test instead of being happy to drive on a provisional license for upwards of 25 years! In the lead up to this legislation ,on one day alone, upwards of 8000 applications were received by the Driver Testing Section.
  4. Candidates failing to turn up.----- Many Test candidates just don,t turn up at all.A recent grapeveine comment from a Driving Tester indicated that Four of his first Six appointments on one day failed to show.
  5. Cars not being up to the required Standard------Despite an extensive two page list of requirements on the Day ,which is sent with all Test Appointments,cars are still being turned down .Some of the most common faults are :- Faulty Brake Lights; Cracked Windscreens;Faded and unreadable Insurance Discs;Poor Tyres.
  6. Novice Drivers Unprepared-------Learner Drivers are to a greater degree not taking adequate Driving Lessons.Click Here .The result of this is a high first time failure rate.Lack of practise in addition to Lessons is also contributing to candidates having to resit the Test .
  7. Driving Test standards and requirements unknown--------The changes due to recent Legislation will not always be known unless the candidate takes the trouble to enrol with a professional Driving School.Recently introduced on 14th February 2005 are the Technical checks which require a candidate to know their way aroungd under the Bonnet(hood).
  8. Cancellations ----Obviously there will be genuine reasons for last minute cancellations such as family problems ,health problems and so on but there are too many cancellationsfrom pupils who are chickening out at the last moment .A recent candidate told me that her car had been stolen twice and of course hiring a Driving School car for a Test at the last moment is not an advisable course of action.Getting used to strange car is not something that you can do in just a few minutes.
  9. Overconfidence--------It is a myth that the longer you are driving the better you become.If a learner Driver hasn,t been taught the basics and some more advanced skills at the start of their driving career they will very quickly pick up poor techniques and habits which will be difficult to rectify at short notice.
  10. Learning to Drive with Mum,Dad,Boyfriend ,Girlfriend.--------Many Adult Drivers have never taken a Driving Test ,particularly those over 60 years of age and are not equipped to teach their offspring.In fact a high proportion of Adult Drivers exhibit such disregard for the basic Rules of the Road that they shouldn,t be permitted to be behind the Wheel themselves,much less try to teach their children.

If you would like to pass on your comments please feel free to do the meantime look out for out next post shortly............

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Death of a Genius.....Corey Rudl. 1970-2005

Yesterday the Internet World was deeply shocked to learn of the untimely death of Corey Rudl, Marketing Pioneer and Internet Genius.He will be sadly missed by all who had come across him in their Web travels.Our sympathy goes out to his Wife and family.
Corey was taking part in a Ferrari Owners race day at a Santa Monica race track and died along with his Driver in a 100mph crash in their new Porsche Carrera. .A motor crash is always tragic whether on the road or on the Race track and Corey,s death at the age of 34 leaves the Internet Marketing community with a gap that will be difficult if not impossible to fill.
Only last year I myself purchased his "Insider Secrets " marketing course and actually had a follow -up call from his office several months later to see how I was doing with the material.Now thats real Professional Customer Service and we can all learn reams from a most remarkable man and his company.His willingness to share with his customers all his past experiences and to help them achieve their own special goals of financial Independence are what made him a legend and probably he will be remembered as one of the all-time Greats in the modern marketing arena.
His skills and techniques as applied to marketing on the Internet will go on helping people for decades to come ,and I feel privileged to own his finest work.

Corey Rudl (1970 -2005)

The Internet Marketing Center

Friday, June 03, 2005

Accidents Will Happen ?

According to an Insurance Compan'ys statistics,approximately 80% of accidents involving another Motorist can be attributed to Five types of accident !

If YOU would like to remain accident -free........(and who doesn't ?) read on and leave others to Weep !.



Caused simply by driving too close to the vehicle in front and failing to recognise that the other might stop suddenly.Lack of concentration in peak-time City Traffic is the usual case.


Why at Roundabouts? On trying to enter a roundabout, the driver in front frequently changes

his or her mind,as it may not be safe to proceed.Unfortunately, the motorist behind is too busy looking to his or her rightand does not notice that the other car has stopped.


Strangely ,it is not misjudging the distance of the oncoming vehicle that is the problem, but rather failing to see them at all.


Who is at fault? It varies from court to court.Sometimes it is the driver who turns right for failing to indicate or look in his/her mirror or it may be the overtaking driverfor travelling too fast ,failing to indicate,or for overtaking at a dangerous place,although ,quite often, both drivers are deemed to have some responsibility .


Most roads in Ireland are quite narrow,particularly those in the rural areas,so it is not surprising that his type of accident is very common.The newly introduced Speed Limit changes in January 2005 have recognised this fact and now the maximum speed limit on a rural or Country road is 80 kmph down by 20 kmph.Better Driver anticipation and much slower speed in these conditions would help greatly in avoiding these types of Accident. We will examine this in more detail in another post.Country road driving in Ireland has taken on a new dimension in recent years due to the increasing number of houses being built ouside of towns and cities ,with the corresponding increase in road traffic.

Check out our web site at for more info and do please feel free to contribute your own comments and experiences of Driving in Ireland .Very shortly our new Web Site "The Tourist Driver .com " will be launched with lots of useful tips on Driving in Ireland.In the mean time keep a look out on our blog for frequent updates and posts.

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