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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Some Tips on Longevity with your Motor.

(1) Check your Oil every week or every 500 miles. You can top up to the Max when the level reaches half way to Min. This will usually take one litre.

(2) Keep an eye on your Calibrated Coolant Temperature Gauge a slight rise in the Red Needle indicates a coolant leak which is probably a drip /drip type of leak. This can get steadily worse and lead to a catastrophic cooling system failure (and a big repair bill)

(3) Use fifth gear when you reach 60KPH it will save a lot of fuel and that is getting very expensive now due to the Oil crisis.

(4) Keep your tyres a peak pressure .Incorrectly inflated Tyres are unsafe and create drag leading to excessive tyre wear and extra fuel usage.

(5) A flickering Alternator Warning Light indicates a loose or slipping drive belt. Get it tightened immediately or your battery will suffer.

(6) Ease off your Gas pedal in good time when you know you are going to have to slow down or stop .Using the brakes at the last minute wastes fuel and there is always the chance of being rear-ended by Drivers that are following you too closely or on the phone and thinking about things other then Driving .

Just a quickie Today… Safe Driving


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