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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oil Prices…….is this the beginning of the End?

With the price of oil now at $70.00 per Barrel which is twice that of two years ago perhaps we should all be thinking of developing our two wheeled skills (unmotorised ) instead of craving to get onto the road with four?

I remember back in the dark ages; come to think of it they weren’t that dark; when the Cycling Proficiency Test carried out in schools in the U.K. was all the rage. Even then the propensity for shortening a lengthy word in every day conversation was ultra cool. Of course cool didn’t exist then. We shortened the aforementioned word to “prishency” and it was the most common topic of conversation.

Horror of horrors we had to learn to ride a bike with some degree of skill and awareness, not a trait that is exhibited by Cyclists on the road today. If I get one signal per month from a cyclist in Traffic while teaching my Pupils that’s the extent of it. Two signals is a red –letter month!

Since its Concise Oxford Day today (or rather yesterday) I will branch out and say that the inculcation of Road Awareness to the young two wheeled populace certainly had a most efficacious effect on the general standards of behaviour on the roads in the U.K. in future years, as the Accident statistics testify compared with other European neighbours. The Cycling Proficiency Test set the scene and I am sure played a part in educating the Young- Drivers –to- Be, in Good Manners and Awareness on the Road.

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