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Friday, August 12, 2005

Rollin' and Tumblin'....Real Life Learner Blues !

A quickie this morning to warn against the dangers that Learner Drivers face before they have reached a sufficient skills level.

Recently a pupil decided to be really smart and voyage across the country to circumvent the long Driving Test delay in Dublin.He had already failed once and thought to try his luck in Ennis, noted Technology Town and location of some of the narrowest streets in the civilised world.
The day of the test was approaching and he set off with an accompanying Licensed Driver.......Good point this and oft overlooked by enthusiastic learners.Mid way to destination and the need to refuel suddenly caused a complete mental block and said candidate decided to turn round to head back to the Petrol Station he had just passed......Bad point this considering he was now in the middle of the worst bottleneck village between Dublin and the West!
Disaster now only seconds away! Attempting to turn right against the flow of Juggernauts, tourists and other nasty moving objects said candidate tussled with something very large and naturally came off third best. No injuries thankfully but car rather the worse for wear and Driving Test no longer a consideration.

Moral here.....Don't take a journey of Epic Homerian proportions to take a Driving Test..It's just too much for a novice Driver and as we previously said many of these small villages dotted on main arterial routes out of Dublin are extremely difficult to navigate , particularly at peak times.There are many of these hot-spots and it's hardly likely that they will all be by-passed in the near future.

A far better course of action would be to get better acquainted with the Rules of the Road..Yes that seldom read publication ...and spend the time recconoitering your local area getting to know all the hot spots.Local knowledge of your nearby Driving Test area will go a long way to improving your chances of being successful first time on the Test.

There are many difficult situations and hot spots on all Driving Test routes but they vary in intensity depending on the day of the week,the time of day, the month and the Season. An in-depth study at these times will without doubt improve your chances and reduce your stress level on the day.

Another recent Learner Driver story of rather more dramatic consequences will follow shortly. There is no shortage of these dramas in my Instructors Diary but there is a painful shortage of plain old common sense amongst today's Irish Learner Drivers even with those who have been warned.

Oh by the way for students of The Blues.... Rollin' and Tumblin' is one of the most famous and well recorded songs of the genre.. penned by the great Muddy Waters (aka McKinley Morganfield) who was something akin to the Juggernauts described above.Not someone you would tangle with!

Some of the Artists to have recorded this song would be Eric Clapton; ..Willie Dixon (who recorded for many years on the famous Chess Records label);...Canned Heat( whose melodies can be heard today advertising Bus Eireann)and the wonderful Ten Years After (who played a blinding set at Woodstock and feature in the film of the momentous Concert).

Watch out for more Learner Driver Blues shortly.........and while you are waiting for updates please visit our web site which is getting fresh content now on a more regular basis.


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