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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Driving Force behind this Blog and the Articles so far.

As you may be aware this Blog is just under two months old and comes about as a result of many months of computer study and the purchase of too many courses to mention here! As a professional Driving Instructor with the first Driving School web site in the region I thought I would be retired by now having made my Millions.What a thrill to have a web site... and apart from a few visitors that did contact me, that was as far as the thrill went!

Fast forward five years to June 2005 and a newsletter hit my inbox which I could not put down know the feeling..... Of course wading through literally mountains of e-mails and courses takes a huge amount of time and like most Internet Newbies I became swamped by the information overload to the extent that I am now unsubscribing from a lot of newsletters with just a very few exceptions,

Ever since the discovery of Jim "smackdown" Edwards and his first personal e-mail reply to me, I knew that things would definitely get better if only I could stop thinking and start acting .
The e-mail that morning hit me with such a jolt that I got stuck in and my Arrive Alive blog was born! Getting something going,however bad or amateurish the early results might be is infinitely better than just wishing and hoping.Of course in the two months that have followed I have not become a millionaire but I have learnt an aweful lot and each morning now I check my stats and do key word research,and wonder of wonders get new html posted to the template (with some difficulty I might add)

Its a bit like learning to seems to take for ever in the beginning and there is just so much to do all at once and then on a sunny day it suddenly all falls into place,and you have completed your apprenticeship and embark on a new exciting journey.

For those of you who are not aquainted with Jim Edwards he is probably one of the most down to earth success stories you are ever likely to meet(even if it is only on the end of an e-mail).I am enclosing one of his articles from earlier on this year which I hope will interest you .I do own many of Jim's books which are real eyeopeners .If you want to learn about anything to do with marketing on the Internet buy them all it will be money well invested in your future.there are several other Web Authors whose work I admire but we will leave these for another occasion.
In the meantime enjoy the article.
just one of Jim's web sites.

Can You Survive In An Online World?

- by Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Do you have the skills to make it in a computer driven,
increasingly online world?

Your immediate, knee-jerk reaction may be "Yes! Of course I
have the skills."

"I know how to send and receive email and surf the web."

"I can even download and install files."

Well, three or four years ago, email, Web surfing and
downloading files qualified you as "electronically
literate," but not any more! Computer and online survival
skills now encompass much more than that.

Surviving in an online world involves maintaining a high
degree of "electronic literacy," which means focusing on
and developing skills in the following areas:

** Personal Computer skills **

In the old days of 1998, the ability to use a computer,
keyboard and mouse rated anyone as computer-literate.

In fact, you were a real pro if you could burn a CD, scan
documents and manipulate digital pictures.

Fast forward to today and "personal computer skills"
carries a whole new meaning. You must know how to maintain
and update not only anti-virus, but "anti-spyware," and
firewall software too.

You also need to understand how operating with Windows ME,
or 2000, or XP will affect your ability to use certain
software along with specific security precautions to avoid
trouble from hackers.

** Internet Skills **

In the bygone era of 1998, friends considered you an online
genius if you possessed basic surfing and navigation

They watched in awe as you used search engines like (a long-defunct search engine) to find and
download programs, pictures, and information on specific

Now electronic literacy means the ability to set up,
upload, and maintain basic web pages and blogs.

It also means understanding terms such as "RSS" and "news
aggregator" because that's the next generation of how
information will get disseminated online (and it arrives
for the masses this year).

** Email Skills **

Perhaps the most deceptively simple of all the areas of
electronic literacy, email actually presents the most
challenges for keeping up with the times.

Previously, clicking the "send and receive" button meant
you were proficient at using email.

Now, because of spam, viruses and "phishing scams"
(identity theft schemes delivered through email), email
requires a whole new set of skills, "street smarts" and
software just to survive.

You must understand how to use an email "preview" program
such as to eliminate spam and virus email
messages before they ever reach your computer.

You also must learn to protect your identity and avoid
"phishing scams" by learning to recognize and defend
against online con-artist tactics.

** Buy or Borrow Expertise **

Though you should constantly upgrade your skills through
personal education, nobody can do or know it all (except
maybe your know-it-all bother in law).

The good news is that you can always buy or borrow someone
else's expertise to solve any online challenge.

A prime example of outsourcing in the consumer market is
all the little stores popping up in strip malls to help you
sell your stuff on eBay.

Through outsourcing, online survival skills can also mean
taking what was previously the exclusive realm of computer
geeks and making it as easy as dropping off the dry

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-
author of an incredible ebook that will teach you how
to write and publish your own highly profitable ebook in a
week or less... even if you failed high school English

Why are some people getting rich selling their ebooks?

Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale have created the *ultimate* guide
"How to Write and Publish your own Outrageously
Profitable eBook... in as little as 7 Days!"
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Best Wishes,
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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