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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The N.C.T. and your Driving Test.

Over the last several years we have been called up at short notice to provide a School Car for the Driving Test due to various last minute problems for the Candidate concerned. These requests have varied in validity from the Genuine to the Hilarious!

Firstly let’s say that the introduction of the NCT five years or so ago was a step in the right direction to removing some of the death traps that prowled Irish roads disguised as cars and trucks. Unfortunately we still have remnants of the motoring mentality that anything goes if we can get away with it.
The mechanical standard needed by vehicles to be accepted for a Driving Test is high. Starting with a displayed current NCT certificate, road tax and Insurance, you also have to ensure that the Tyres are in good shape and well above the legal limit of 1.6mm.The car should be completed cleared of all loose items, including danglies and be clean inside and out. Windscreens should get attention, particularly on the inside as it is rather distracting trying to peer through sticky and smudged windows.

If your car is due an NCT close to your Driving Test it is essential to have this done at the earliest opportunity to enable you to retest the car if faults are found.
Booking an NCT appointment should not be left to the last minute as it often requires a lead time of two to three weeks and this will leave you in a quandary if something untoward shows up.

A couple of years ago we received a call from a frantic young driver who had just bought an almost new car but had not been provide with the correct documents by the Garage .Despite many entreaties and several weeks passing there were still no documents and of course the car would not have been able to be Taxed. As it so happened this young man was a close friend of an ex pupil and we were delighted to provide the car after several hours of tuition. It is foolish to contemplate sitting a Driving Test in a strange car unless you have been used to driving several different cars during your early driving exploits. A Driving School will not provide a car for someone to sit the Driving Test who is not capable of driving to a pretty high standard. The risk involved is too great and there is also the Reputation of the Instructor to think of as well.

Four years ago we received a call at 10.00am in the morning enquiring whether or not we hired out cars for a driving test .The answer to the next question was, sadly predictable…”.when is your test?” “ Oh it’s at 4.00 pm and I would need the car by “2.00 clock!

No one in their right mind should be contemplating doing a Driving Test in a car that they have not had at least six hours practise in and in addition they need to be up to a very high standard of competence as well prior to sitting in the new machine.

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